Guide: Inspiration for your personal picture wall

Picture wall, poster wall, gallery wall, salon hanging. This dear child has many names- they all describe a wall with a composition of several pictures and associated frames. At home, the picture wall has been a housing trend for a long time now - and we predict it will last a long time yet. The so-called salon hanging originated as early as the end of the 18th century (in Paris, of course), and although it has probably been in and out of interior design fashion since then, it is enough to describe it as a classic.

A picture wall is a beautiful and stylish way to express your personal style. By hanging posters in different sizes, colors, types and possibly with frames of different materials, you create dynamism in the room and make it your very own. As such, there is no right or wrong way to create a picture wall, nor are there any limits to how large your picture wall can be - it's up to you and your personal taste.

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Template for the picture wall

With our poster wall tool, you have the opportunity to design and visually design a template for your picture wall. You can try for as long and as many times as you like. You can mix and match and find the right size combinations before you arrive at the result that fits perfectly with your personal poster wall - and there are over 6000 posters to choose from. That way, you can make your own template for exactly how your picture wall should look and how the pictures should hang in relation to each other before you get the posters home in the living room. Get your creativity going and get inspired with our interactive picture wall.

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Do you still find it difficult to decide how your new picture wall should be designed? Are you perhaps afraid to hit the seams in the wall because it seems so definitive? Or do you just need a little guidance to move forward with your design in our interactive picture wall? This is completely understandable - most people will prefer that the posters are successfully hung up on the first try on the real wall. Here are some tips for guidelines for your picture wall so you avoid drilling the wrong places in the wall.

First of all, you need to decide with yourself whether you are mostly for a picture wall with a minimalist expression and straight lines or whether you prefer that the picture wall has a more random expression.

The minimalist picture wall:

Do you want the dynamics that a picture wall creates but at the same time the expression must be minimalist and stylish? Then it is a good idea to go for some clean & straight lines between the motifs on the picture wall that creates calm for the otherwise many impressions a picture wall tends to give. It can also be effective to ensure a uniform distance between the images that creates a harmonious expression. Of course, you decide the distance that you think fits, but a good guideline is between 7 and 16 cm.

The picture wall with the random look:

A picture wall with a random expression is, of course, not random. The location of the images is still carefully planned. The art is to find order in "chaos" and if you succeed, you get a beautiful, exciting and dynamic picture wall that is interesting to the eye. Make sure to have a common thread in your composition of the posters. You can do this by choosing a theme for either motifs or colors in the posters, by aligning some of the pages in the overall image wall, creating lines between some of the posters, or choosing the same frame type for all the motifs. 

If you choose a color scheme for your posters, it may be an idea to paint the wall a contrasting color so that the posters stand out more on the wall. We recommend that you spend time choosing the right color and not least to paint the wall correctly. For this, it may help to read a painter's guide before starting the project

A picture wall with different frames gives new dimensions

Daring to mix different motifs, materials and colors can create new dimensions in the decor and a more interesting and "brave" picture wall. Therefore, it can be really effective to choose different frames for your posters when assembling the picture wall. It gives a special dynamic to vary the sizes and colors of the frames and your picture wall becomes more unique and vibrant.

For example, if you choose a stylish and neutral frame for a colorful motif, it is the motif that is allowed to emerge. Conversely, a brass frame can give a black and white motif a sparkle. Vary as much as you like and feel free to have a common thread in your picture wall, as we mentioned in the section on picture walls with a random look.

Feel free to find inspiration among our large selection of frames in different materials and colors. Here you will find handmade wooden frames from Italy in light or dark oak as well as colored wooden frames in everything from white, black and pink to red, yellow and blue. We also have both brass and aluminum frames, so there are good opportunities to combine different frame types in your picture wall.

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Tips for hanging your picture wall

Once you have bought your posters and the frames you think fit, they should hang up. Before you start drilling into the wall, a good tip is to take a screenshot of your finished picture wall once you have designed it in our interactive tool. That way, you can use it as a guideline for how the poster's composition should be in relation to each other. If you lack inspiration for decor with posters, you can, for example, read our guide to creating your personal style in the living room with posters.”

A good tip! It's a really good idea to place all the posters in their frames and lay them ready on the floor in the combination you want on the wall. Then you can also measure whether the distances between the framed motifs match & create the flow you desire on your picture wall. Another option is to use newsprint to design squares with the same dimensions as your posters, which you can stick on the wall with masking tape. In this way, you form an overview and ensure that you get the right and desired expression on the wall.

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