Posters for the living room - show your personal style on the living room walls

The living room is, for many, the largest space in the home and it's where we spend the most time when we are at home. Therefore, it is important that it is cozy and that the living room reflects your or the family's personal interior design style. Here, artistic posters with beautiful frames can be a really good and affordable solution.

Whether you have white or colored walls- beautiful illustrations, paintings, graphics and photos are something that can create an atmosphere and bring life into your living room. They can either connect the colors of the room or create contrast and play to a rigorously decorated home. Here we give you inspiration for decor with beautiful, stylish and / or humorous posters in the living room.

Decorate with many pictures on the wall

More and more people are choosing to decorate their living room with a picture wall. That is, a wall, or part of it, with pictures in different sizes and with different motifs. The number of pictures can be anywhere from three to… Yes, you set the limit yourself.

There are no rules for how to create your image wall. It depends on your style and whether you want a more rigorous, uniform picture wall, or whether you are more into varied and playful expressions. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so the main rule is just that it is you who decides.

Do you still want more inspiration for how your picture wall should be designed? So read our latest blog post on just this. Here we go more in depth with the many possibilities that the picture wall provides.

You can also go directly to our picture wall tool, where you can put all our posters up on different backgrounds and move them around as you wish. That way, you can see what the different posters look like in the different sizes and the interaction with others. It can also give inspiration for new combinations you might not have thought of.

Create your own art wall

Colorful posters give the living room life and joy

Choosing colorful posters for your living room is an easy and great way to show your personal style - if you are in favor of a colorful home and do not prefer the black and white, more minimalist style.

If you choose posters for the living room with colors that you can identify with and that make you happy, you make the room more exciting and homely to enter. You (and your family) will feel comfortable and when you have guests they will be able to feel that it is you they are visiting.

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Create a wow factor with big posters

A large poster of e.g. 100 x 140 cm can well be categorized as a real “statement piece” and as something that can really create a wow factor in your living room. Finding a poster with a motif that you really like is an easy and stylish way to decorate your wall in a very personal way. The expression can really be stylish and at the same time give you and your living room a very personal, effective and brave touch that not everyone dares to throw themselves into.

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Get a timeless and minimalist style with black and white posters at home

Black and white posters fit in really well with the minimalist style and the whole “less is more” mindset. It is a timeless trend that many are attracted to. It is probably because it is the epitome of stylish and can create a feeling of lightness in the room.

You can get black and white posters with many different motifs and art forms. Ranging from black and white photography to illustrations, line drawings and text. Although the black and white is most often paired with the minimalist and simple, black and white posters can fit into all types of homes and color themes. If you have a lot of color on walls or furniture, the black and white creates a calm and gives the colored elements space without the walls being empty.

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Affordable posters - an easy and less pricey way to get your personal style in the living room

Few people can afford to fill the walls of their homes with expensive works of art but fortunately beautiful art does not have to cost a fortune.

If you buy posters from Poster & Frame, you are guaranteed poster art by talented artists from all over the world. We collaborate with everything from reputable studios to new, talented artists. The most important thing for us is to create beautiful art prints that can adorn your wall for many years and that you can continue to love. We believe in the original art and therefore it is a fixed part of our concept to pay royalties to all our artists.

In Poster & Frame, each order is produced individually. In this way, we keep paper consumption low and sustainability high. In that way we also reduce unnecessary costs. Whereas other stores have stock of posters that will eventually be damaged. We make sure that you as a customer get a new print to hang on your wall - fresh from print and at an affordable price.

Last but not least: the frame


An important part of the overall look, whether you have one or more posters, is the frame. Should it blend in with your poster motif, highlight it or create contrast? It makes a big difference to the overall look and the choice of frame always depends on the motif of the poster and your desired look.

Are you looking for posters or photos with natural colors and nature motifs? Wooden frames in e.g. dark or light oak are a classic option, as they will blend in with the same materials and colors.

If you want to create contrast to your posters, a frame in a completely different color can be really effective. Which color contrast suits best is, of course, dependent on the individual motif but often our frames that are in red, blue or yellow can create a good effect. Materials like brass and aluminum can also provide a good contrast to your poster.

A black frame can both create contrast and depth to the motif; It can bring out the motif, if now it were a black & white poster or it can help soothe the print with its clean cut look. If you choose a white frame for a white wall; you create a look that makes the motif pop all on its own- becoming the prominent element on the wall.

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