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At Poster & Frame you will find over 6,000 posters; poster with illustrations, paintings, graphics and photography, that are created by renowned artists from around the world. Our concept consists of hand-picking each individual´s work from the many artists we collaborate with and collecting them on our platform. In this way, we give the artists greater distribution opportunities and make it possible for you to buy exclusive art posters in quality print at an affordable price. We believe in the original art, and therefore it is of course also part of our concept to pay royalties to all our artists.

Our large selection of design and art posters comes from both reputable studios and new, talented artists. It makes it possible to find many types of poster art, from photo posters to modern posters with e.g. architecture or line drawings.

It is important for us to emphasize that our art posters and design posters are made by real artists who work with design and art on a daily basis. Fast fashion does not tell us anything: We do not just produce posters that are trending and entering the interior design industry right now but art posters that our artists are proud of and that they have worked hard to create. This is also reflected in the production of our art and design posters. Whereas other stores have stocks of posters and posters that will eventually be damaged, we make sure that you as a customer get a new, freshly printed design poster. Each order we receive is produced individually, so that we can keep paper consumption down and sustainability at the top.

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The story behind art posters

Art posters, design posters and art posters are all expressions of the same thing: Posters with visual narratives in the form of drawing, painting, photography, graphics and / or text. The history of the poster begins in the late 19th century, when a variant of the lithographic printing method from the end of the 18th century was invented, which made it possible to make posters with many different colors. It is and was a difficult craft but at that time it was groundbreaking to be able to make colorful combinations of words and images, as was possible with lithographs. The poster remained in France.

To begin with, art posters were primarily used for advertising and tribute, especially for cultural institutions. In France, the poster became a large part of the time and style periods ‘Belle Epoque’ and ‘Art Nouveau’ in the early 20th century, depicting primarily French café life and the cabaret scene. In Spain, it was bullfighting and festivals that were portrayed. In Italy it was fashion and opera, and in England and America it was primarily news media and circus. Some of the most popular art posters from that time are still seen hanging in people's homes and in restaurants in new editions. Many famous artists from that time have created art and design posters. These include Henry Toulouse-Latrec, Henry van de Velde, and Jules Cheret.

Art posters as a communication channel

Later, the poster was used to promote various political parties, recruit soldiers; for example, World War II, advertised products and spread ideas to the public. And the poster was for a long time perceived as one of the most effective communication channels - especially in the 1950s, it was a widely used medium in the advertising industry.

Today, art posters, or art posters, have been given a different role and have come right into our homes, where it adorns our walls in many shapes and sizes - and preferably in the form of a so-called picture wall or salon hanging. What has not changed so much is that the poster to this day is still an art form and a way in which an artist can be allowed to express himself visually.

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The most popular art and design posters

Here we have selected four of our absolute bestsellers from the thousands of art and design posters right now. Here are both newer artists and an old acquaintance in Hilma af Klint.

Huús Atelier: Limone

Huús Atelier was founded in 2019 in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, and is keen to color the world through opportunistic and daring aesthetics. They do so with a constant focus on doing the best for the world and the people who live in it. At Huús Atelier you can find more colorful posters like ‘Limone’ here, but also more muted, graphic motifs.

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Viola Brun: Hampstead heath

Viola Brun is an art print and graphic studio based in Copenhagen, run by graphic designer and artist Milene Rose Holm. Viola Brun's signature style is a perfect combination of intricate hand-drawn motifs and more abstract geometric shapes. It is Scandinavian at its core but also draws on Japanese design influences, mixed with a slight touch of British charm and a certain French “Je ne sais pas” quality.

At Viola Brun, the inspiration for the Hampstead heath poster was taken from even the same location, which is a walk from Tufnell Park in London, on a hot summer day.

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Art by Maja Thomasen: Simply Living x The Breakfast

The paintings by Art by Maja Thomasen are colorful still lifes in acrylic. The artist behind it is the Aarhus Maja D.T. Holm, who with his paintings depicts the typical everyday life, especially from Danish households. The pictures show the trivial and obvious sides of the many days of the year as something that is still worth noting. Whether it's everyday classic rye bread dishes, a messy dining table or large, festive dinners. Art by Maja Thomasen always uses a rich color palette that matches the popular color themes in modern interiors.

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Hilma af Klint: The Ten Largest No. 02

Hilma af Klint was born in 1862 and was a Swedish artist, mystic and pioneer in abstract painting. Her paintings were somewhat the first Western abstract art that we know of in today's art society. She belonged to a group called "The Five"; a circle of women inspired by theosophy who shared a belief in the importance of trying to contact the so-called "high masters" - often through ritual sessions. Her paintings, which sometimes resemble diagrams, were a visual representation of complex spiritual ideas.

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